Sometimes you just chance upon something very interesting and unexpected. Chillagoe was on the list because of the amazing caves, but what popped up was this incredible car ‘museum’ in the middle of nowhere. It’s not a museum in the strictest sense of the word, more like one man’s collection of cars he could never get rid of.

Tom Prior was a general contractor in Chillagoe and he kept pretty much every car and truck he ever had. And they were almost all Fords! Entrance is a couple of bucks and you can take a walk around the rusting hulks, quietly decaying under the outback heat.

Not all of them are consigned to this fate, though, as he has a few that warrant special treatment, including a rare 675hp Super Roo XW Falcon GT 351 which is kept in a sealed tent, a 1928 Model A, a 1965 Ford Futura, a 1965 Shelby Mustang plus a few ex-Army models like a 1942 Dodge WC-51 Weapons carrier

vehicle signage
You know how old this truck must have been when your phone number is simply ‘8’
fordson tractor
Fordson tractor doesn’t look like it had much in the way of suspension
rusting ford 1
Yes, this is a Ford Bonus truck – something that would sell for a lot of money if restored, but Tom wasn’t interested despite receiving offers from America
rusting ford falcons
A couple of ’80s Falcons amongst the weeds
rusting ford thames
Ford Thames and V8 workhorses
rusting ford truck
Old 4×4 Ford truck
super roo
…and the treasured Super Roo sitting undercover

And, of course, there are a lot more rusting hulks to pore over. I could have taken 100 shots just of the sun-scorched patina.

Prior is also the BP agent for the area and until recently he was in the transport industry. Now, in his late ’70s he’s happy to simply enjoy his collection.


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